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Jim Dragoni is a veteran performer, teacher and recording artist. Dragoni was a long time associate and student of Dennis Sandole, credited with developing John Coltrane, Pat Martino, the Brecker Bros, Stanley Clarke and dozens of other luminaries in the music world.  In the last two years of Sandole's life, the two discussed teaching, and how to best pass along the gift to others. 


What makes what we do unique?

The Music Studio is intended to be a place where talent and culture is promoted in our community.

Studio Director Jim Dragoni is a veteran performer, teacher and musical technologist. Music lessons, workshops, performances, lectures and master classes are all currently on the program.

Jim Dragoni is a master teacher who has taught since 1974.  He has taken various musicians from the beginner stage through to professional status.

Creative Development in a Disciplined Environment

Jim Dragoni has nurtured numerous professional musicians and has over the years created musicians from people who could barely hold a guitar,  turning them into viable players with reading, a comprehensive repertoire and improvisation skills. 

Each person is seen as an individual and the instruction and guidance is based on the teacher's assessment of individual gifts, needs and potential.  A comprehensive approach to the instrument is given so that any style can be achieved.  There is very little rote learning, it's problem solving, based on theory, the ergonomics of the hands, optimum fingering techniques, understanding of harmony and disharmony as well.  Performance opportunities are provided as an essential component of learning and motivation to develop.

:: Professional Relationships :: Performance Workshops ::Master Classes

Studio Director Jim Dragoni has just celebrated his ninth year performing with the great Mose Allison.  The stellar songwriter and stylist has been an influence in the jazz, rock and folk worlds for over 50 years.  To say that he influences our thinking is an understatement...more

Performance workshops are oriented toward teaching professional performance, etiquette, improv skills, song form, chord/scale relationships, standards, blues, show tunes, folk music, original arrangements, original compositions, sound dynamics, use of equipment, promotion...all the things you need to pull off a great performance.

Great Musicians such as Larry Coryell, Odean Pope and other luminaries occasionally agree to participate in performance workshops that Jim Dragoni has produced.  These classes are a tremendous inspiration to the students and will be scheduled whenever the artists' schedules permit.